How To Backup Your Files And Reinstall Windows 10 With Recovery Media

You also have the option to download the Windows 10 ISO image file to your computer, then create your bootable disk manually with another program. The following steps will completely overwrite the data on your USB flash drive. All existing data on the disk will be destroyed. Please remember, you cannot change passwords of the […]

How To Get Windows 10’s File Explorer In Windows 11

That’s all for Snip & Sketch, although we expect to see more new features added in the future. If you’re on an older version of Windows 10 that doesn’t include the app, remember you can still use Snipping Tool to capture screenshots with similar functionality. The classic “Print Screen” key is also a convenience option, […]


You will only need to use this method when Windows is corrupted to the point it is unable to load at all, even the force shutdown method isn’t working. After a short delay, Windows will restart into Windows Recovery Environment, where you can follow the instruction in the above method to access safe mode. There […]

3 Free Ways To Transfer Files From Server To Server

Generally, DVD will be automatically detected and selected. Open the new folder and find the Setup.exe file to start the installation. Want to configure autoplay behavior on Windows 10? Our guide walks you through the steps of configuring AutoPlay for individual devices or globally. You do find connected devices listed in the Control Panel as […]

Warning claimed I was trying to open dll file

To scan your PC, download and run an anti-malware software program. After performing a scan with it, make sure it is updated and keep it running in the background for real-time protection. Some DLL Not Found errors may be caused by malicious programs that hide fake DLL files. In this case, you may perform a […]